Diving In


Line up with thee usually more than three

Whistle blows – stand forth, cap on

Second whistle, goggles up

Third, ready or not

Four, thee dives in


An awakening of icy fluid

But the shiver passes by

Seconds pass but O may it seem like a flash


O how the race thrives thee

How the water makes you feel free

A few breaths maybe even nil

Let the race bring thy a thrill


Hoping to finish fast then again

Wanting it to be an infinite moment


Take chance what’s thee got left to lose

You touch; look up a smile with pleasure

O how great it felt to dive in





What you need to prepare for a swim meet

It is really important especially when going to a travel meet to be prepared and to have everything you need and may need, plus some more. Don’t be wrath if you aren’t 100 % prepared take everything and learn from it. Have your racing suits, yes more than one because they ripe a lot. You also should bring practice suits, to warm up and down in. Other obvious items are caps, many caps, goggles towels, food and drinks.


Things that I always bring that seem to save me life are bungee cords, glide rum for skins and extra towels. It is really important to over pack and to have extra “stuff” because you never know when something is going to happen. You never know when your suit or cap is going to rip you never know when you team mates might need to borrow goggles or suits. That’s why it’s good to be prepared. If you are organized and prepared you will be a good example and you will be one of the swimmers that the young kids are doted of.


When going on a travel meet I often will take two swim bags and a suitcase depending on how long I will be at the meet and how far it is form home. When competing at state meets or in club meets I will take only one bag, because usually I don’t need as much. It is also a good idea to pack extra clothes because you are never dry at the pool, in and out of water for twelve hours. It is always a good idea to have your mom or dad bring a cooler with extra water and drinks and extra food.


Another thing to remember is that you should pack one or two days before the meet so that you can add last minute items. Many swimmers rely on their parents and entreat them to help pack and prepare. I always find that I take too much stuff but the more meets you go to the more you understand why being prepared is so good. When you see swimmers stressed about because something goes wrong you wonder that if they were more prepare would the stress still be there. Being odious will bring others down.


It is important not to rely on your parents because when you go on travel meets with your team without your parents, you may find it difficult to prepare and you will most likely be very unorganized. Do not beseech your parents, team mates and coaches to do stuff for you or to help you as everyone has their own problems.


Always have fun and don’t worry if you forget stuff. As I said before the more meets and experience you have the less you will forget and when you do forget it won’t be a big deal.



Doted: be extremely fond of

Wrath: extremely angry

Entreats: ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something

Odious: extremely unpleasant

Beseech: ask urgently or frequently to do something


Blog 7 ( poem )


Close my eyes

And jump


You may hear

A thump


A jump into


Maybe even



Water that is

So clear

Water that hides

Our tears

Water that may

Show your fears


I follow a straight

Black line

That I see all

The time


Unclear of the path

It may take me


But still following

It endlessly


Many call it

A pool


But I call it

My home

Racing Suits (Skins)

Racing suits

If you are a swimmer you will know how annoying it is to try on skins. (Skins are what we call racing suits). My first one I was so excited because in the swimming culture it used to be something you earned. You wouldn’t see someone who didn’t work hard and trains hard have skins at a meet a couple years ago. Now a day everyone has them, it annoys me. I drove three hours to Ohio with my mom on my birthday to get my first one. I got a speedo fast skin. The number one rule when buying skins is that it needs to fit snug no tight really tight like painfully tight. I will use my sizes as an example. My practice suits average to size 26 and my racing suits are 20. So there is a 3 size difference. This may seem like a lot but they need to be tight or you are wasting 500 dollars. I’m almost 100 percent sure that your mom isn’t too happy about spending 500 dollars in general so if you don’t buy the right size it’s basically a waste.


From my personal experience I would say do not order skins unless you absolutely have to. I absolutely had to, I live in Qatar and they don’t sell them here. I had to order some because mine ripped and they generally only last about 5 to 6 competitions. You can wear them for more but they make the most difference the first 5 to 6 times you wear them.


So I ordered the new speedo fast skin LZR record breaker and I was unfamiliar with the sizing because I usually get blue seventy or arenas. Anyway I ordered the smallest size because as I said they need to fit tight. I tried it on and right when I put it on I knew that it was too big because it only took me 5 minutes to get on. I dove into the pool and it filled right up with water and probably made my 50 pounds heavier.


This suit was I think about 400 dollars and now it sits in my closet and I probably won’t wear it for another 2 years. Don’t make this mistake. Go to the store and try them one. My arena carbon pro’s shockingly took me 55 minutes to put on. I was literally rolling on the floor to get it on and I need my mom’s help. If you can get the suit on then it perfect no matter how much pain you’re in. Or at least that’s what my coaches have always told me.



Top Swim Meets

To begin with one of the preeminent things about swimming is that you train for months and then get to go to a meet to race other swimmers from other teams. Meeting different athletes from diverse places in the world and learning about how they train is notable. I’m going to share with you which meets have been my favorite. I don’t have a top favorite because there are so many.

In spite of meets in the states, one of my favorite meets in Europe is in Wales. The British Gas Swim Wales Open Winter Meet is held at the Wales National pool during December. This meet has a good variety of swimmers and coaches. Therefore whatever level you are, this meet will work for you. There are swimmers from small clubs, national team and Olympians. This meet is very well systematized and is a lot of fun.

Another essential meet is the International Sindelfingen Swimming Championships in Germany, located in Badezentrum Sindelfingen. Although it was all in German, it was a great meet for gaining international swimming experience, meeting knew swimmers and racing people that I have not raced before. As a result of the language barrier it made it very problematic to find out what time to warm up, what time my races were, results, postings and where to go. The pool is 50 meters; the building is spectacular and is held to a very high standard. Lastly the reason I loved this meet was because of the experience I got out of it.

Swimming in the states is very competitive so finding high level swim meets is never challenging. Since it is so competitive I would recommend trying to go to travel meets. Racing the same people all the time can be fun but also can give you a lack of variety. When picking a swim meet consider the location, the teams competing, the venue and the travel time.

Finally I think this information will help you select what meets to compete in. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone. When things go wrong you should think of it as a good thing, going to meets where you don’t speak the language or don’t have a coach with you might not seem so great at the time but it is a great experience.

Preeminent: having an importance

Diverse: various, many, different

Notable: noteworthy, very good

Systematized: organized well planned

Essential: fundamental, important

Problematic: to cause concern

Competitive: determined, want to win


Best Brands and equipment for training

To begin with I believe that many brands and companies have pros and cons when it comes to their suits, caps, goggles and equipment. Instead of just buying the most expensive because that’s what you think is the best I would consider the following information when opting to buy new training equipment.

Firstly if you plan on buying knew equipment I would recommend speedo and finis. Speedo is an American brand that uses good quality materials that last. Since they use good quality materials and fabrics you will find that they have equipment that is on the higher end regarding cost. Finis has more original modern stilled equipment that I find works better if you are focusing on technical training. My favorite finis equipment is there new gold paddles. Therefore when you consider which type of equipment would best fit your training, I’m sure both speedo and fins will have what you need.

On the other hand when thinking about practice suits the brands I would recommend vary on your expectations and needs. If you want a suit that will last I would recommend the dolphin uglies. There not actually ugly there pretty cute to be honest. Although they aren’t the most stylish suits I have previously own 5 or 6 and one of them lasted me two and a half years. That’s a lot of hours in chlorine. If you’re looking for a suit that stylish and fashionable instead of one that will last, Speedo and Nike and Arena all make suits that are fashionable and that last. As a result of constantly having to buy knew training suits I would have to say that speedo and Nike are my all-time favorites.

 Next to practice suits are competition suits. Competition suits can fluctuate in prices most are around 300-400 dollars but can be as low as 50 dollars to 600 dollars. If you want a bright, flashy suit I would endorse arena carbon pro’s mark 2. If you want a suit that fits nice and doesn’t take forever to put on I would recommend my favorite, blue seventy. Other brands like speedo make really good suits in addition to arena and blue seventy.

 Finally when deciding on buying knew products regarding swimming I would recommend that you decide what your expectations and requirement are, then try different suits and brands before you make your decision.

Does what I eat and drink before I swim effect my race?

Yes, nutrition is very important and can have both a negative and positive effect on your performance in the pool. Have you ever heard the saying EAT, SLEEP, SWIM this is the cycle of most swimmers lives. If you train 100 % but don’t sleep well or eat well your performance will be hampered.

Some of the worsts things to do at a competition are overeating not eating or going on what I call a sugar high. My brother for example used to swim and he was pretty good. He would drink a coke on pool deck during a swim meet, he believe this gave him energy. WRONG, coke gives you a sugar high and this is a big problem because the negative effects of sugar highs are sugar crashes.

What happens when you eat candy bars, sodas, chocolate, gummy worms or any other food high in sugar, fructose or high fructose corn syrup is that you blood sugar levels may rise and then crash. So imagine you drink a coke before your 1500 freestyle which is a race that last from 15 minutes to about 20 minutes and half way through your race you blood sugar levels go from high to low. Your energy will get messed up and you suddenly feel exhausted, this wouldn’t be a good feel.

Thank god it so simple to avoid this. Since we have gone over what not to have before your race I’ll give you some ideas on what you should have. High carbohydrate low protein foods and drinks are optimal choices for pre-race or practice foods. Things like protein bars, peanut butter on whole wheat bread, dried fruit, nuts, oatmeal, sports drinks and energy gels are optimal choices.

Timing is very important so obviously you’re not going to want to have a huge bowl of oatmeal two minutes before you swim. If you don’t have much time before your race I would suggest small protein bars, sports beans and energy gels. If you have more than two hours I would suggest oatmeal, peanut butter on whole wheat toast and other high carbohydrate low protein meals.

The reason I suggest high carb foods is that the energy in the foods gets released and absorbed faster than protein so you will have more energy faster.


Which American Olympic swimmers have transformed the sport of swimming?

Mark Spitz is best remembered by his amazing win of seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and his mustache that he considered it to be a “good luck piece”. Mark’s incomparable capabilities set him apart from the competition.

Michael Phelps is not only the best swimmer in history but the best athlete in history. Ending his astonishing career with 22 Olympic medals 18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. His first Olympic appearance came in 2000 in Sydney when he was chosen for the US swim team at the age of just 15. Then he went to Athens in 2004, were he achieved the same as Mark Spitz record of 7 gold medals. In 2008 he accomplished his goals of 8 gold medals in one Olympics. Michael Phelps publicized that 2012 would be his last Olympic cycle. Ending his career with 4 gold and 2 silver he said goodbye to swimming. Or at least this is what we thought, recently there have been rumors that he is returning to the sport training for 2016.

Missy Franklin, many people believe she is the female Michael Phelps. She was given the nickname “Missy the Missile” by her father before the 2008 Olympic Trials. At the 2012 London Olympics, Missy Franklin won gold the 100-meter and 200-meter backstrokes, and two more gold medals with the 4-by-200-meter and 4-by-100-meter relay teams. She stunned many people with her skills and swimming abilities and also her general approach towards the sport.

Numerous of the past and present female and male American Olympic swimmers have transformed the sport for the better and left a mark but there is something different about these three Olympians.


Transformed: to change form appearance of structure.

Considered: thought about or decide upon something with extra care.

Incomparable: beyond comparison, matchless

Astonishing: causing surprise or amazement

Accomplished: highly skilled, completed, done

Publicized: to bring to public notice  

Believed: to have confidence in

Stunned: to astonish

Approach: to come near or nearer to, to present,

Numerous: very many







hey guys :)

My name is Kate and I am very exited to share my passion on swimming through blogging.

I was born in canada raised in Indianapolis. I’ve been swimming since i was 3 ( competetively since I was 6).

Swimming is very interesting, many people don’t understand that there is more to it than staring at a black line on the bottom of a pool and going up and down.

Once i get blogging and sharing my love for the sport i hope to inspire or just educate other people on the best sport ever!!!!!